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Get An Info Packet

We are so glad you are interested in Ashland Christian School.

If Christian education is something God has put in your heart for your child, ACS will come beside you to help make that happen.

Simply fill out the no-obligation form, and we will follow-up with you via e-mail, as well as send you a packet by mail. 

A tour of the school with the Administrator, Jason Davis, is also available at your request.







Ashland Christian School was awarded a grant from the Ashland High School Impact Youth Council to purchase a tower garden! They also received a grant from the Ashland County Community Foundation to fund tower gardens for schools throughout Ashland County!

ACS’s new garden isn’t your ordinary garden with soil; it’s Tower Garden! This earth-friendly approach to gardening uses much less water and space than your regular soil garden. The benefit with our Tower Garden is that we can grow our plants all year-round and enjoy fresh vegetables
and herbs with our school lunches.

The Tower Garden, located in the fifth grade classroom, is a vertical growing system which grows plants in air rather than soil. The sides of the tower have pockets for holding seedlings and the base of the tower holds a water-nutrient mixture. With the assistance of an electric pump, water is sent upward inside the tower. Then the water drips down onto the roots of the plants, also known as aeroponics. Along with the water, the plants are exposed to consistent light and after a few weeks, we have ourselves fresh herbs and vegetables!

We have already incorporated Tower Garden into our school lunches. For example, students have enjoyed fresh gourmet lettuce on cheeseburgers, fresh basil in the spaghetti sauce, as well as arugula in our salads. With plants that grow up to three times faster in Tower Garden, ACS is able to enjoy these foods much faster than with regular gardens.
Find out more about this awesome garden at towergarden.com and how you can support your child’s learning at home.


NASA has awarded a contract through a collaborative partnership with STEM Accelerated Coding and Ashland Christian School!

Congratulations to Mrs. Bethany Frazer, Mrs. Beth Shenberger, and Mrs. Beth Szijarto as they provide expert review of NASA’s computer science curriculum and STEM activities!

Ashland Christian School will also provide professional development opportunities for schools within Ashland County to learn GIS and incorporate NASA content!


Through a collaborative effort with STEM Accelerated Coding and Ashland Christian School, students are using GIS to build a geospatial flash flood model to help warn the public. The solution will be used by the National Weather Service! 
Ashland Christian School will also host professional development opportunities for schools within Ashland County to learn GIS.